Technical Support

Why aren’t my videos on the Events page?

Because our skating events often result in anywhere from 10GB to 400GB of video that must be organized and processed, we are unable to post videos instantly after a competition. Even though people ask about it anyway. Our pledge is that all of your video swill be viewable within 7 days of an event.

I can’t watch the videos from the file sharing site. Why?

If you have a fast internet connection, it’s possible to view videos directly on our file sharing site. HOWEVER, we strongly recommend that you download and save your videos, and play them from your local hard drive.

My daughter skated last year but I can’t find the video. Why?

We pledge to keep videos on our site for a minimum of one year. After that, videos will be archived. You should always download your own copy after each event.

How do I share video on Facebook or YouTube?

Using the upload feature on Facebook or YouTube, you can easily add and share videos. Most importantly, you can edit the start point and end point, so that you do not post videos of other skaters inadvertently.

I want to burn a DVD. Can you do that for me?

No, we do not offer disc media as a service. However, there are many programs such as iDVD or Toast that can help you create DVDs if you wish.

What happens to videos that are more than a year old?

We will keep them on our sharing site as long as possible, then archive them offline. We do not guarantee that any video more than one year old will be accessible via archive, so IT IS IMPORTANT TO DOWNLOAD AND SAVE YOUR VIDEOS.